Effy Stonem Style
Hey, I'm Lola and I'm 17, I love Skins and Effy is my favorite character :) I do inspired outfits and recreations! I get a lot of messages so it's hard to answer all of them in time, I'm sorry!
I almost never do more than one outfit per request, so please don't ask for "a bunch of outfits" "some outfits" Xx
ps: I track effystonemstyle, so if you want to show me something just tag me in it
Inspired for Warped tour!! by effy-stonem-style featuring antique jewelry

I choose the shoes that are touching the bottoms but you can pick one of the other 3 too..

Madewell / Rebecca Taylor layering shirt / Quiksilver button up shirt / Wildfox Couture / Bohemian Society / Topshop / Shiny hot pants, $18 / Engineer boots, $420 / Dr. Martens lace up booties, $175 / Vans silver shoes / Dr. Martens dr martens shoes, $155 / Topshop chunky ankle boots / Charm necklace / DesignSix antique jewelry / Black metal jewelry / Mango bracelet bangle, $23 / H&M , $9.18
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