First Picture:

Effy is always wearing black and leather! A good black biker leather jacket is essential!

jacket 1 2 3

Ripped trousers are effy trousers haha

Trouser 1 2

Effy is ALWAYS wearing tights!!!

Tight 1 2

Second Picture:

loose sleeveless long black shirts are her favorites! Also the idea of wearing an open plaid shirts to break the black in an outfit is genial and she wears it a lot too!

Shirt 1 2 3

Mini skirts!!! aaah the black mini skirts..

Skirt 1 2 3

Third Picture:

She likes headbands and I think it gives girly look to the outfit

headband 1 2 3

We saw Effy in a bikini only once, but I thought it would be fun to post a bikini inspired here!

Bikini 1(top - bottom) 2 3

Fourth Picture:

Boots, especially the combat ones, ARE essentials!

Boots 1 2 3

Bags are essential for every girl! Effy is not different in this aspect!

Bag 1 2 3

Fifth Picture:

Dresses! Effy loves short dresses! A simple mini black dress is essential!

Dresses 1 2 3

Effy likes really short clothes! Chains, black, short, hotpants and spikes are perfection for her!

Shorts 1 2 3

Sixth Picture:

Effy is ALWAYS with a lot of bracelets! A good bangle set is essential!

Bracelets 1 2 3

Long and heavy necklaces are the love of effys life haha she is always with a lot of necklaces and I love it!

Necklaces 1 2 3

ps: It took me a life to do it!! Hope you all love it!

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