Effy Stonem Style
Hey, I'm Lola and I'm 17, I love Skins and Effy is my favourite character :) I do inspired outfits and recriations! I get a lot of messages so it's hard to answer all of them in time, I'm sorry!
ps: I track effystonemstyle, so if you want to show me something just tag me in it
Hey, could you make me an effy outfit using mom jeans?
- Anonymous

done love Xx

inspired with mom jeans by effy-stonem-style featuring a gold necklaceH M jersey crop top, $6.83 / Green faux leather jacket, $46 / River Island blue jeans, $77 / Dr. Martens black boots / KENNETH JAY LANE gold necklace
I'm going to a fall out boy concert with a bestie can you give me what effy would wear
- Anonymous

done! Xx

inspired for a fall out boy concert by effy-stonem-style featuring black tightsRails plaid shirt / Fall Out Boy Mini Dress Dresses Tank Top Gray Rocker Women Girl Grey… / Black tight / Dr. Martens boots / Melanie Auld pendants necklace / Stackable ring
What would effy wear to a scary movie night at like the theater with your best friend!?
- Anonymous

scare movies <3 <3 

inspired for a scary movie night by effy-stonem-style featuring a long multi chain necklaceWildfox print t shirt, $190 / Nasty Gal vintage motorcycle jacket / Frame Denim denim skinny jeans, $370 / Converse shoes, $91 / Forever 21 long multi chain necklace
What are some outfits that Effy would wear with a beanie?
- Anonymous

http://effystonemstyle.tumblr.com/post/90111253501/inspired-for-a-winter-day-in-school-by http://effystonemstyle.tumblr.com/post/87231520861/inspired-for-a-festival-by-effy-stonem-style http://effystonemstyle.tumblr.com/post/82153115294/inspired-for-a-cold-day-by-effy-stonem-style http://effystonemstyle.tumblr.com/post/81694000156/inspired-for-an-art-festival-by-effy-stonem-style Xxx

Disneyland outfit, please?
- lame-fairy

done! :) Xx

inspired for Disneyland by effy-stonem-style featuring black bootsTwenty Easy By Kaos long sleeve shirt, $74 / Muscle t shirt / Shorts / Naughty Monkey black boots
hello love. could you make a look for going to a wedding? because I really don't know what to wear haha
- Anonymous

I made some wedding outfits! Check the inspired tab :) Xxx

Hallo , can you make an outfit for 18th birthday ?? (It's for mu birthday party ) i love your blog , thanks <3
- itwillalwaysbeashit

thank you love!! Have a lovely birthday! Xx

inspired for an 18th birthday by effy-stonem-style featuring red ankle bootiesNavy dress / Imitation leather biker jacket, $48 / Red ankle booties / Monki beatle boots, $61 / KENNETH JAY LANE spike statement necklace / Rivet jewelry, $21
hi Lola!! i'm going to a house party in a few days but none of my friends are invited and it's the first time that i go to a party alone... how do you think someone as confident as effy would act in this case? thank you and luv ur blog btw xx
- Anonymous

Don’t be afraid to have fun alone!! Dance, drink and talk to people. I always go with facial expression in this case, if you look confident you feel confident hah I look right into people’s eyes and give a small smile (maybe the “You know, that Effy smile.. that means, ‘you don’t know me at all. You never will.’ “)! Xxx

What do you think effy thinks about feminism?
- Anonymous

effy is the biggest feminist and you can’t make me think the opposite!! She always did what she wanted and didn’t give a shit about anyone (insert my fav quote here ), she was strong and independent, even with the whole freddie/cook thing she was true to who she was and didn’t need them to do that Xxx