Effy Stonem Style
Hey, I'm Lola and I'm 17, I love Skins and Effy is my favorite character :) I do inspired outfits and recreations! I get a lot of messages so it's hard to answer all of them in time, I'm sorry!
I almost never do more than one outfit per request, so please don't ask for "a bunch of outfits" "some outfits" Xx
ps: I track effystonemstyle, so if you want to show me something just tag me in it

I got a lot of messages about the nicknames so I will make a post to answer all of them:

Amber - amy, ambs, am, ambie

Fiorella - ella, fire, elly, fio

Angela - Angie, angel, ela

Natalie - natty, talie, nat, lee, 

Alina - (I have a friend named alina and we call her Lika) lina, ally, Al, in

Arula - ruls (read it like rules), Ary

Kenza - Ken, kenny, ens, kk, 

Charlotte - lottie, charlie, lo, char

Katherine - kath, katty, Kay, rine, kat

Carmel - carmy, carma, carm, mel

ps: remember that effy’s real name is elizabeth so your real name doesn’t have to be exactly connected to your nickname 

:) Xx

So, as you know, my name is McKenna. I don't like it so I asked my mom for nicknames and she said she was going to name me Echo. Should I go by that or things like kenna...?
- grunge-barbiedoll

see which one makes you more comfortable Xx

Combat boot with jeans or leggings effy style?
- fruitloopsforjoy

could you do some effy inspired pants/leggings/jeans? I really love her ripped black jeans (can’t remember what episode) but I can’t seem to find any. :(

done :)) Xxx

Untitled #510 by effy-stonem-style featuring graphic tanks

Red shirt / Graphic tank / Monki purple shirt, $10 / Forever New quilted jacket, $110 / River Island boyfriend jeans, $65 / Black pants / Steve madden boots / Timeless vegan shoes / Gold necklace / Chain necklace / Wet Seal wrap bracelet / Silver bracelet, $6.51
Can you make some Effy-inspired rave outfits please? And some clubbing ones? :) xx
- Anonymous

made a set Xx

inspired for a rave by effy-stonem-style featuring above knee socks

Tartan shirt / Top / Keds above knee socks / Acid wash shorts, $16 / Dr. Martens slip resistant boots / Black bangle / River Island chain jewelry, $57
What would effy wear with a plain black skirt? Like professional yet rebellious?
- Anonymous

done love Xx

inspired with a plain black skirt by effy-stonem-style featuring net stockings

Equipment slim fit shirt / H M purple top, $13 / Vero Moda short black mini skirt, $39 / Boohoo net stocking / Black ankle boots, $260 / Box chain necklace / Skull jewellery
Trying to be like Effy is very un-effy. Her whole thing was that she wasn't suppose to try and be cool
- Anonymous

I agree with you.. I try to tell people to be themselves and they get very unhappy with my answers (I always tell them to be confident because that’s effy. She’s confident with who she is)! But fashion is another thing, I think that’s nothing wrong with having a fashion inspiration, most people have Xxx

To the anon wanting a nickname for Paige. ...."Iggy" is cute.
- Anonymous

!!!!! :))

hii my names paige but I dont like it, any nicknames you can think of?
- Anonymous

i love paige, seriously!!! Peggy, pay, gez Xx sorry, I can’t think of more

Those were actually really good nick names!!! My names kayla and literally no ones ever given me a proper nickname other than Kay and I hate that
- Anonymous

kk, kales, kal, aya! for me names that start with k are the best bc you can just put the k in front of other words like k-bomb hahah Xxx

Hi! Could you suggest any effy like winter jackets/coats? Thank you <3
- Anonymous

done love Xx

inspired jackets/coats by effy-stonem-style featuring a wool blend coat

Goosecraft leather zip jacket, $365 / Blue pea coat / Forever New double breasted trench coat, $130 / Wool blend coat, $195 / Monki side zip jacket, $97 / Chicnova Fashion embellished jacket / Army green coat / Burgundy coat, $81 / Chicnova Fashion tailored blazer / Vegan motorcycle jacket, $65 / Blue denim jacket / H M black velvet jacket, $57 / J TOMSON vegan motorcycle jacket / Doublju blue motorcycle jacket / Pull Bear jacket, $29
Hi! So i always find myself wearing black skinny jeans and skirts, etc, so much that I haven't worn my normal blue jeans in months! Do you think you could make some effy inspired outfits with just normal blue skinny jeans? Thank you so much! x
- Anonymous

done babe Xx