Effy Stonem Style
Hey, I'm Lola and I'm 17, I love Skins and Effy is my favourite character :) I do inspired outfits and recriations! I get a lot of messages so it's hard to answer all of them in time, I'm sorry!
ps: I track effystonemstyle, so if you want to show me something just tag me in it
Hey can you make me a casual date outfit that includes thigh high stockings and a pair of high waisted shorts! Thank you love xo
- Anonymous

you’re welcome! Xx

inspired for a date by effy-stonem-style featuring leather bootsSam Lavi black shirt / Wolford thigh high stocking / High waisted shorts, $8.41 / Dr. Martens leather boots / Forever 21 gold necklace
I love effys make up just with this thick eyeliner with wing so much can you Please Post a picture of it to do
- Anonymous

I’m not sure what are you asking for ooops

Can you make some outfits inspired by what she wore in season 1 ep 8 I loved her style in generation 1
- Anonymous

http://effystonemstyle.tumblr.com/post/66279179602/inspired-from-the-first-and-second-season-by ! Xx

clothes for a wedding? something with a black dress please :) by the way, I love your blog!
- youandmelisteningvinyl

thank uuu Xx

inspired for a wedding by effy-stonem-style featuring a chevron necklaceForever New black flared dress, $56 / Ruched sleeve jacket / Black floral tight / Platform shoes / Chevron necklace
Hey your blogs really cool. I was wondering if you could make some outfits Effy would wear to the gym or yoga or on a run. Thanks
- Anonymous

thanks love Xxx

inspired for the gym by effy-stonem-style featuring black velvet leggingsTwenty Easy By Kaos shirts top, $73 / Gestuz shirts top, $34 / Forever New black velvet legging, $56 / NIKE waffle trainer, $145
I have Effy's body and I love her, but I don't think I can pull it off. I want to though. I look up SO MANY tutorials about how to do her makeup (hardest thing for me) and I always mess it up. Any tips?
- Anonymous

believe me, if you like her style and you want to wear the clothes (plus the perf body) you can pull it off!!! Wear what makes you feel comfortable

ps: if you have her legs shorts+tights will make you a sex goddess!!

abt the makeup: the eyeshadow is something easy to do http://cdnpix.com/show/182044009908307876_STRNVzHN_c.jpg this is exactly what I do, the good part about effys makeup is that you don’t have to be careful with the eye pencil and abt the eyeliner http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-5OGk5sxlS8A/UqFU-dx9N_I/AAAAAAAAARg/LS6iZ7C7kK4/s640/Beautysets_12115_1353291726.png here you have tips, but if you don’t want to wear eyeliner you can wear eye pencil too :) Xx

Could you pls do an outfit of effy that she would propably wear everyday?! Like a normal outfit..(sorry for my bad english :))
- beinqhannah

done love Xx

inspired more casual by effy-stonem-style featuring black jeansRails plaid shirt / SELECTED summer top, $27 / White shirt / Doublju faux leather jacket / Black jeans / Boohoo high waisted shorts / Fishnet stocking / Dr. Martens waterproof boots / Dr. Martens leather boots, $170 / Forever 21 gold necklace / Forever 21 gold necklace
Could you do a recreation of the very first episode when she wears that low rise plaid skirt
- Anonymous

done! http://spc.fotolog.com/photo/28/54/90/123kaya/1266214391298_f.jpg from this pic cos I couldn’t find any closer Xx

recriation 1X01 by effy-stonem-style featuring cast of vices jewelryTopshop long sleeve shirt / Crop top, $37 / Mini skirt / Wolford knee socks / 80s fashion / EXE’ wedge boots, $100 / Ankle boots / Annette Ferdinandsen rose gold earrings / Cast of vices jewelry / Wrap bracelet / Gold earrings
my school uniform is skirt and t shirt . I'll wear it with docs and converse but i dont want to look like everyone else. So can u help me ? I love you. You re the only person i can ask for this .
- Anonymous

add a leather jacket or a blazer with bottons! Weat tights with docs, long necklaces and lots of bracelets :) try doing something different with your hair and makeup Xxx

hallo c: what would effy wear for school? I have a really strict dress code that only allows collar shirts, no plaid shirts like flannels, and scarves if we don't wanna wear anything with collars. for bottoms, we can wear skirts, khakis, and black pants. we also have formal mass days. if you could make me a couple of outfits for each, that'd be amazing c:
- wh0a-bella

what is “formal mass day”? hahaha seriously, I looked homeless when I went to school so I have no clue Xx