Anonymous: I don't like finding carter Kate is good but the rest make me cringe and it had such potential but I was so disappointed;//

I like it a lot! Some things annoy me, but there’s always something to annoy me in tv shows lol max and taylor are my fav

teenyweenygenie: Could you post some heels Effy might wear? Booties especially. Thanks 😁

done babe Xxx

Anonymous: Hey:) I'm a niner, but I got invited to a bunch of upcoming junior/senior parties. Do you think you could please give me an outfit idea thats sexy but not tooooo much, yanno what I mean? Thank you sososo much:)

done love, have fun! Xxx

Anonymous: Do you have any outfits with a green army pant?

made a set :) Xx

Anonymous: Thank you so much! I love that essentials post it was just what i was looking for <3

you’re welcome babe <3 Xxx

I decided to give kathryn a chance and watch finding carter… IT’S SO GOOD LIKE SERIOUSLY OMFG AND I’M IMPRESSED BECAUSE HER AMERICAN ACCENT IS SO ON POINT! So if you want to watch a new tv show go watch finding carter bc kath is a perfect

latentdrugabuse: your essentials post has changed my life for the better xxxxxxxx

ahah you’re very welcome :)) Xxxxxx

Anonymous: What are some essential clothing items effy would have in here closet? Please answer xx

Made some sets!

so the essential items are: a black leather jacket, fishnet tights, a pair of ripped jeans, a dark long tank top, a plain black dress, a skater skirt, a good pair of combat boots, accessories and a black and red plaid shirt!

( and )